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I got bored of the reindeer so I drew another crappy ribcage. Can’t wait till I’m on holidays when I can work on getting better at these things.

Still not done with the reindeer though..

I REALLY should be studying, but I saw a cool video of a reindeer and felt compelled to draw one. I want to try and do something different with this though, maybe add something cool to the antlers. I also have to add shading, fix up the face, and make the antlers look proper, but this is it so far I guess.
Thing is, I’m scared that if I add or change anything, I might really screw it up ergh.
New drawing. I went to camp for about 4 days and spent my free time drawing this. Also, there is a large difference between what I planned with this picture and how it actually turned out.
I don’t know.
I completely butchered my fineliner drawing this so I had to use a slim permanent marker for half of it
Is it obvious I couldn’t be bothered drawing the right eye? Stupid monocle turned out looking dumber than I imagined
It looks like the lion is a fat man with a beard
Now that I’m on holidays, I can start drawing (and playing keyboard) again *yay*. I drew this instead of cleaning my desk of all my exam notes and I tried to be fancy with it but I think it turned out looking weird :\ I don’t even know if I’m happy with it. 
Also rib cages take a damn long time to draw and are so confusing. 
I’m supposed to be studying but I got bored and drew a picture instead.